DRTV advertising is one of

The most successful, cost effective, measurable and profitable ways to drive sales across all platforms

DRTV marketing and advertising accounts for more than $100 billion in annual product sales

Regular TV Advertising has no measurable way to assess ROI, however DRTV is a proven, trackable, accountable, measurable way to keep track of your sales, revenue and ROI.

With an evolving merge towards DRTV, many well-known companies and financial institutions, have used infomercials to showcase their products, including American Airlines, Estee Lauder, P&G, Microsoft, Nissan, and Pepsi plus so many more...

Cost Effective

DRTV marketing has proven itself to be one of the most cost effective, far reaching and most powerful way to reach audiences across all mediums – phone, mobile, internet and retail and has a direct cause and effect impact leading to better converted sales and better ROI than any other form of advertising.

Take Two Marketing & Events

Launched in 1993, Take Two Marketing & Events is the leader in DRTV advertising and marketing with proven sales strategies and successes across all mediums.

We produce internationally acclaimed short and long form DRTV Commercials, Advertorials and Infomercials producing unparalleled sales for our clients worldwide.

We support DRTV campaigns with across the board sales strategies over a number of mediums including web, EDM and social media to integrate an all-encompassing presence in the market exemplifying cross promotion techniques.

Our in house Media Team use technical analytics methods to measure all campaigns and have the ability to make real time optimisations and improvements leading to improved sales and better ROI for clients on a regular basis

Let’s look at the numbers

The NutriBullet, a successor of the Magic Bullet launched in 2003
sold 14 million units from 2012 to mid-2015

Guthy-Renker’s revenue grew from $400 million
in 2001 to $1.5 billion
by 2009

Shark doubled revenue from $800 million to more than $1.6 billion and
usurped Dyson as leader of the US vacuum cleaner market

The Ped Egg, sold 3.9 million units in just under two years in Britain
making it a more popular item than the iPad

DRTV is a powerful mechanism for increasing sales, profits and ROI

With a captive audience of 15 million people across Australia, TV is the most powerful advertising platform to drive consumer responses and approx 63% of people are driven to take action as a result of an ad seen on TV. What are you waiting for? Start increasing your revenue now

What we do

With more than 25 years experience
James and his team know the DRTV industry inside and out
we lead the way in DRTV advertising, building brands
generating sales and driving customer leads for our clients.

We are the only agency that can offer you the complete DRTV package.
From commencement to launch we do what no other agency can do and we do it well.
We can also tailor any of the services we offer below to suit your needs.
You can be sure you’re in good hands.


We offer both full service and tailored packages on a range of our capabilities outlined below. Show case your brand or product today. Call us now 1300 334 339.

DRTV Advertising

With a dedicated specialised team focused on
in depth research, ground breaking
demonstrations,marketing strategy and
business know, how we lead the way in DRTV
and deliver real results for our clients.

TV Production

Our talented team of Directors, Producers and
Editors specialising in both short & long form
TV commercials, have proven success both
nationally and internationally.

Digital Marketing

Reinforce your DRTV campaign with a strong
digital presence across EDM, social media and
web based marketing strategies.

Sales & Profit Planning

We develop strategies across multiple platforms
to increase sales through upsells, cross
promotion and integrated marketing plans.

Voice Overs / Presenters

With an array of TV presenters, VO artists and
web artists we have you covered for your next


Give your brand or product the edge with the
highest quality innovative title animation,
2D or 3D animation.

Website &Graphic Design

No website? No problem. Our in house Web
and Graphic Team are experts when it comes
to integrative responsive websites, GFX, POS,
presentations, logos and all aspects of design.
Leave your project in our capable hands.

Media Planning & Buying

We source a very diverse range of media
across digital, paid and free to air TV.
This allows you to reach a large audience
and will deliver an unrivalled response and
outcome.And because we can instantly track
results, by market, station and location we can
make required adjustments for improved cost
per lead.

Live TV

With contacts at Australia’s Leading Home Shopping Network we can launch your brand on LIVE TV giving you access to a home audience of up to a quarter of a million customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TVC & Advertorial Packages

DRTV Power in numbers

Magic Mesh

Has sold in excess of nearly
20 million units worldwide
since it’s launch.


In just 3 years has sold over
14 million units and was even
used by Kate Middleton herself.


Overtook Dyson as the world’s
leading vacuum brand and
doubled it’s revenue to $1.6 billion.


Since 2005 P90X has been
reshaping bodies worldwide and
currently has a annual revenue of
$400 million.


America’s Biggest Home
Shopping Channel reaches
55 million viewers and generates
annual sales of 1.6 billion.

Guthy Renker

With the launch of their acne
formula, they generated revenue
of $1.5 billion by 2009.

Magic Bullet

achieved over $500 million in
revenue after just 3 years on the

Kleva Sharp

Launched in 2009 with a
combined total, of 1.1 million units
sold across 4 generations of

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